AI-Lympics 2074 

"Balanced-Agile is  a hybrid project management approach combined with a unique immersive learning experience: "AI-lympics 2074"

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"AI-Lympics 2074"

- AVAILABLE 06/24 - 

"An entertaining & insightful journey through hybrid project management and a fun way to get inspired on Balanced-Agile."

Hybrid Project Management Training Program 

"An enlighting deep-dive into the processes and techniques of hybrid project management through the Balanced-Agile project approach""

"AI-Lympics 2074"
Business Game

"What a great experience to learn to apply hybrid project management in a realistic and practical way."

"AI-Lympics 2074", the e-book
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Full Book release: June 2024!

a new and unique management novel on hybrid project management

"AI-Lympics 2074"

Step into "AI-lympics 2074," a thrilling journey into the future of project management. Here, we meet Alex, a project manager thrown into the epicenter of the AI-Lympics, a sports tournament for robots and humans. With the Balanced-Agile approach in hand—a revolutionary hybrid project management method—he tries to confront the typical challenges, we all face as project managers.

This novel doesn't just tell a story; it aims to inspire readers, project managers from the classic and agile worlds, with a new way of thinking about project management.  Through Alex's trials, you witness the power of Balanced-Agile. Can he deliver his project on time, within budget, and scope?

Embark on this hybrid project management adventure to find out and be inspired to apply Balanced-Agile in your own projects!


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6 training sessions + 
2 sessions of the business game.
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What is Balanced-Agile?

Balanced-Agile is a innovative hybrid project management approach that combines the best elements of traditional project management methodologies, such as Waterfall, with the flexibility and adaptiveness of Agile and Lean principles.

Why would agile organisations need Balanced-Agile?

Balanced-Agile offers an effective solution for organizations that have encountered difficulties in fully transitioning to agile methodologies like SAFe or Scrum, discovering that these methods do not suit all projects. As a hybrid approach, Balanced-provides a flexible framework that can be adapted to a variety of project types and complexities. This method helps organizations refine and optimize their project management strategies to better meet their unique needs and challenges.

Why would classic PM organisations need Balanced-Agile? 

Classic project management organizations often recognize the need for a more pragmatic and adaptive approach as they encounter the limits of strictly traditional methods. Balanced-Agile provides these organizations with a solution that still feels familiar and structured, integrating agile philosophies and techniques seamlessly into a classically inspired process. This hybrid model allows them to maintain control while becoming more responsive to changes, making it easier to innovate and stay competitive in dynamic environments.

What is the "AI-Lympics 2074"?

"Balanced-Agile 2074" is both a book and a project management simulation. The book provides a detailed exploration of the Balanced-Agile methodology, illustrating its principles and practices through an exciting story. It's a management novel on hybrid project management.  Meanwhile, the accompanying simulation offers a hands-on experience, allowing users to apply Balanced-Agile concepts in a controlled, virtual environment to see the results of this hybrid approach in action.