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"AI-Lympics 2074" 

"an insightful, inspiring and fun-to-read book on hybrid project management"

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June 4th 2024

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The countdown to the release of "AI-Lympics 2074" is almost over. While the book's title suggests a distant future, you won't have to wait until 2074 to dive into its pages. The launch is set for June 2024, and you can be among the first to know.

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Bart Briers

Bart Briers stands out as a highly experienced project management professional and an esteemed honorary professor at the EHSAL Management School. With a career marked by significant achievements in leading complex projects and driving innovation within various markets such as life sciences, healthcare, finance and industry, Bart brings a wealth of practical insights and strategic thinking to the table. His role in steering projects to success, combined with his academic contributions and recognition as a thought leader, makes him an authoritative voice in the field of project management. Reading his book offers an opportunity to gain from his extensive experience, blending real-world applications with new insights on hybrid project management. Bart's mission is  to equip readers with the tools and strategies needed for excellence in project management and create future-proof project managers.